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Twompson P 

Founder - Musician - Poet - Motivator  



Since 13 music has been a way of life. Having moved around from coast to coast as a youngster hip hop became the ideal platform to vent an otherwise traumatizing childhood...Introduced early on to the harsh realities of life, everyday was a blessing. Music was always there. With the recent formation of, a youth foundation dedicated to raising money and awareness for youth education and wellness through exposure to music , arts, yoga, meditation , gardening and more, Twompson P has positioned himself to be a guiding light with a driving force to youth everyehwere. Having shared the stage with many of the Legends he grew up listening to, BONE THUGS N HARMONY, KRS-ONE, THE GROUCH & ELIGH, SAN QUINN, TALIB KWELI, and more, he encourages others to do more than Dream your Destiny, but LIve it.. 

" Im fortuate to say I am living a dream.. and have even bigger dreams for the future. I invite you to live life as I DO and EleVaTe ur MiNDsTaTe... "


In today's society where drugs and violence are destroying the youth and sexual exploitation is a growing epidemic, the need for a more positive progression is evident. Hip-Hop's current state has left a negative impact on the culture at large and is making it increasingly difficult for individuals to find THEMSELVES amongst a mirage of so- called mentors and role models...


Dedicated to the art of mental enhancement through Perspectiveful wisdom, his main objective is to increase the longevity of tomorrow with an agenda of broadening the mentality and thought structure of our future leaders today. Committed to providing the masses with an alternate way of thinking, one that is more influenced by the truth as it is found to be through the trials and tribulations of life experiences, rather than those force fed to us like bottom feeders of a dying trend. Through his music listeners are brought to a state of self awareness and actualization, defogging the hazy lens of reality most are content looking through, or living through vicariously.


Consumed by the hyphy movement and crunk music, there are few artists attempting to address these socio-political issues. Providing the ideal platform to reach a wide variety of listeners, from rock and jazz to reggae and hip-hop, listeners will have something more in common than a love for music, but a common thirst for knowledge and conventional wisdom.


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